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Year of Production 2022

Moja Vesna

English title: Moja Vesna
Original title: Moja Vesna
German title: Moja Vesna
Slovenia, Australia, 2022

Director: Kern, Sara
Production company: Sweet Shop & Green, Cvinger film
Co-producers: RTV Slovenija
Age recommendation: 11 years and up
Length: 80 min.
Film genre: Feature film

While the older sister throws out her feelings in poetry slams, the 10-year-old Moja attempts in her own way to hold things together and repair the hole that her mother's death has torn in her family. Sara Kern tells of a childlike process of grief and closure which does not shut its eyes to the cracks in the world, but also admires the light that shimmers through them.

Berlin Generation 2022, Schlingel CFF Chemnitz 2022, Olympia CFF Pyrgos 2022 (awarded), Stuttgart CFF 2023

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