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Year of Production 2022


English title: Vesper
Original title: Vesper Seeds
German title: Vesper Chronicles
Belgium, France, Lithuania, 2022

Director: Buozyte, Kristina & Samper, Bruno
Production company: Natrix Natrix, 10.80 Films
Co-producers: Rumble Fish Productions
Age recommendation: 16 years and up
Length: 114 min.
Film genre: Feature film

After the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem, teenager Vesper teams with a mysterious woman, Camellia, on a mission to infiltrate the Citadel, where oligarchs use genetic technologies to rule the world.

Ale Kino! CFF Poznan 2022

World sales address/es:
Anton Corp (GB)

Sold to:
Condor (FR)
MegaCom Film (RS)
Plaion (DE)