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Olsen Gang Junior - Goes Under Water

Original title: Olsen Banden Junior ... Går Under Vann
Denmark, 2002

Director: Lindtner Naess, Arne
Production company: Nordisk Film Production
Co-producers: TV 2 AS
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Egon sits at Lykkebo orphanage longing for a real family of his own – a mother and father, like Kjell has. The wealthy Gyldenløwe couple contact manager Bollerud, eager to adopt a son. The couple selects five boys, but Egon sabotages the other boys with rancid cheese and itching powder. He is himself chosen, and suddenly finds himself the son of wealthy parents with a swimming pool and a mansion. He is unaware that the Gyldenløwes actually handed the orphanage manager a red suitcase containing one million kroner, in exchange for all the paperwork on Egon Olsen. After tearfully bidding Kjell and Benny farewell, Egon is shocked to discover that the Gyldenløwes in fact turn out to be attorney Bang- Johansen and Ursula Wasserschmidt, who are searching for a safe full of diamonds from the submarine Schnaps that sank in the fjord on the last day of World War II. They have plans for little Egon. But Egon and his friends find out about these plans and decide to secure the diamonds and the red suitcase for themselves. Thus the complications begin, and the chase goes through scary alleys, dark entryways, and both over and under water. Olsenbanden jr. has to use all their cunning to outsmart the crooks.

Sandnes 2002, Cinekid Amsterdam 2002, Luebeck 2002, Oulu 2002, Buster Copenhagen 2003

Website: www.olsen-banden.dk

World sales address/es:
TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

Sold to:
Columbia Tristar (Norway)