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Onni von Sopanen

Original title: Onni von Sopanen
German title: Onni von Sopanen
Finland, 2006

Director: Vuoksenmaa, Johanna
Production company: Liisa Akimoff/ Production House

A biology lesson’s topic at school is genetics, and Onni Sopanen begins to think that he is actually living with a wrong family, and somewhere someone - most likely Bill Gates - is missing his long lost son. Everything seems to support Onni’s doubt of his origin - his baby photos are nowhere to be found, and even his sister seems to know about it. When Onni’s friend says that a person with blue eyes cannot be the child of brown-eyed parents, it is almost certain that Onni is a changeling. What is more, there is a new boy in the class, and Onni does not get along with him. The teacher VP decides to arrange a school trip in order to improve the atmosphere in the class. During the autumn Onni and Miro forget their hostilities, and Onni finds a natural explanation for many things. Genetics prove to be useful as well, as the kids wish to have more guinea pigs.

Oulu 2006, Berimor's Cinema Riga 2007, Zlin 2007, Lucas Frankfurt 2007, Hamburg 2007, Luebeck 2007, Vienna 2007

Website: www.onnivonsopanen.fi

World sales address/es:
Production House (FI)

Sold to:
FS Film Oy (FI)