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Other Girls

Original title: Toiset Tytöt
German title: Other Girls *
Finland, 2015

Director: Illi, Esa
Production company: Fisher King Production
Age recommendation: 16 years and up
Length: 83 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Four girls are on the verge of adulthood and loose their innocence and at times their belief. Taru, a boxer, becomes pregnant and has to get to know herself before she can decide what to do: “I was supposed to be Kate Moss, party hard and die before I’m 30. If I just wasn’t a little bit pregnant”. Aino, chunky and bullied, breaks her inner prison and stands up against her tormenters by hitting back: “My rule is to never be still, at least not long enough to have to look in the mirror”. Jenny is a fatherless drifting poet: “My best friend does not get it, I’m in love with her, I’m stuck and can’t go on with my life”. Jessica, the romantic sweetheart, falls in love and against all warnings follows her boyfriend to Vilnius, just to get dumped at the airport: “Everything would be perfect, if I just wasn’t so stupid”.

Marketing strategies:
In 2011 four 18-year-old girls from Helsinki kept provocative video diaries about their lives during the course of a year. OTHER GIRLS is a fictional film based on true events.

Giffoni 2015, Lucas Frankfurt 2015, Nordic Filmdays Luebeck (awarded), Just Film Tallinn 2015, Ale Kino Poznan 2015, Kristiansand CFF 2016

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Fisher King (FI)