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Olsen Gang Junior, The

Original title: Olsen Banden Junior
German title: Olsen Bande Junior, Die
Denmark, 2001

Director: Flinth, Peter
Production company: Nordisk Film Production
Co-producers: TV2/Denmark
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Itching powder, a slice of old cheese and his Sunday’s best. Those are the ingredients of one of Egon’s clever plans. Egon is an orphan who lives in a orphanage in Denmark. He intends to get adopted, but not by any old runof-the-mill average citizens. No, he wants to be adopted by a rich millionaire couple. With the help of his two friends Benny and Kjeld his plan is successful and Egon soon finds himself in the backseat of a Rolls Royce. His dream of a new life steeped in luxury finally seems to have come true. Soon Egon discovers that his new parents are not real millionaires, but the ring leaders o a secret space mission. They have bought Egon for a million Kronen from the director of the orphanage in order to blast him into space with a rocket. But Egon manages to escape from the laboratory and tries to lay his hands on the million Kronen.

Marketing strategies:
Cinema: 21.000 admissions in Gemany.

Sandnes 2002, Cinekid Amsterdam 2002, Luebeck 2002, Oulu 2002, Duesseldorf 2003

Website: www.olsen-banden.dk

World sales address/es:
TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

Sold to:
Park Junior (NL)
Kinderkanal (D)
MDR-Red. Kinder, Fam., Soz. (D)
Arsenal-Filmverleih (DE)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)