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Eighty Letters

Original title: Osmdesát dopis?
Czech Republic, 2010

Director: Kadrnka, Václav
Production company: Kadrnka, Václav
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

Young Vašek wakes up to a typical day in socialist Czechoslovakia. It's March 29, 1987 and his mother is again running around to various offices in order to put together the necessary documents to visit her husband in Great Britain. Wading through the bureaucratic apparatus just to have a family reunion is extremely annoying. Before authorities finally "bless her" with their seals of approval, his mother writes exactly eighty letters in which she describes the unceasing obstructions of the communist regime. The film was based on the author's personal recollections and accurately portrays the atmosphere of a period full of the impotence and absurdity.

"Eighty Letters is autobiographically based. The source of the film are the memories of the director and the surviving correspondence between his parents."

Berlin 2011, Pilsen 2011 (awarded), Zlin 2011, ICFF Lucknow 2012

Website: www.vaclavkadrnka.com/en/

World sales address/es:
Alice Tabery

Sold to:
Artcam (CZ)