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Everybody Sometimes Falls

Original title: Tutti Giu
Switzerland, 2012

Director: Castelli, Niccolo
Production company: Imagofilm Lugano, Villi Hermann
Age recommendation: 15 years and up

This is a film about three young people who are "different" but who share a common need to measure up to an "adult" world. Three young people that life puts to a severe test: can they achieve self-awareness and still nurture that sacred flame which makes them feel alive? This is a massive challenge which each must face alone; they must live, grow up, and try not to stop dreaming of a future all their own. Their strongest desire is to live their own passions, to live for what makes their hearts beat faster, to live for themselves in a world that is out of the ordinary. They must each decide which path to take; they must pass alone between dreams and fears, success and defeat.

Mons 2013, Atlanta 2013, Minneapolis Saint Paul 2013, Houston 2013, Bolzano 2013, Zlin 2013, Oulu 2013, Ciné Jeune de'l Aisne St. Quentin 2014 (special mention)

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