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Elias and the Hunt for the Treasure in the Sea

Original title: Elias og jakten på havets gull
German title: Elias und der Schatz aus der Tiefsee
Norway, 2010

Director: Osvoll, Lise I.
Production company: Filmkameratene
Age recommendation: 5 years and up

In this new full length animated feature film about the little rescue boat Elias and his friends in the coastal community Cozy Cove, the story takes place during winter time.

The annual winter fisheries are about to start, but the great catch never seems to come their way. It turns out that large industrial trawlers have emptied the ocean of fish, and it looks like ordinary little fishing boats will have a hard time surviving. The trawlers belong to a new, supermodern fishing enterprise owned and run by the tough business vessel The Arctic Queen. Elias discovers what's going on, and gathers all his power in order to save the future of his tiny coastal community. He succeeds, of course, but first we will take part in a story both thrilling and funny, including a hidden Viking treasure, the most sinister villain boat of the year, a coup involving sending all the Cozy Cove fishing boats as scrap iron to China, and the cute minisub Dippy, which becomes a new and important acquaintance for Elias.

Marketing strategies:
Sequel to "Elias and the Royal Yacht" (2007) .

Kristiansand 2011, Giffoni 2011, Buster Copenhagen 2011, Schlingel Chemnitz 2011, Cinekid Amsterdam 2011, Chicago 2011, Lübeck 2011, BUFF Malmö 2012, Toronto 2012

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Svensk Filmindustri (SE)

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Svensk FI (NO)