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Erlprince, The

Original title: Krolewicz Olch
German title: Erlkönig, Der
Poland, 2016

Director: Czekaj, Kuba
Production company: Studio Munka
Co-producers: Telewizja Polska, Odra Film, Orka Studio
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

An exceptionally talented 14-year-old starts studying physics at the university. He’s working on the theory of parallel worlds bridged by, as he’s initially convinced, light. The boy has an extraordinary mind and a wounded soul that his mother, who strictly controls his life, is not able to heal. Establishing a new order of things, a man appears in their life and so the boy passes from his mother’s to the man’s care. The three characters start up a winding path towards a close bond but their happiness doesn’t last long. The boy solves the mystery of the transition between worlds…

Marketing strategies:
Based on Goethe's drama.

Gdynia FF 2016 (awarded by the young jury), Berlin Generation 2017, Juniorfest Plzen 2017

Website: www.krolewiczolch.pl

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Studio Munka (PL)