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Ella and Friends 2

Original title: Ella ja kaverit 2 - Paterock
German title: Ella und der Superstar
Finland, 2013

Director: Mäkilaakso, Marco
Production company: Snapper Films Oy
Age recommendation: 7 years and up

Second grader Ella finds her class and teacher nice. Not as nice as they used to be, though: The teacher has announced they all have to learn the multiplication table. Ella's friend Pate doesn't learn it, instead he dreams of an easy life as a rock star. When he hears that the famous singer Elviira is dreaming of a child, Pate gets an idea: Perhaps he could find a way to fame as a celebrity's child?

Marketing strategies:
Based on a book series by Timo Parvela.

Oulu 2014, Cinepaenz Cologne 2014

Website: www.snapperfilms.fi/en/tuotannot/ella/

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Snapper (FI)

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Snapper (FI)