News brought to you by CinED

If you want to keep up to date on initiatives and policies in media education, then check out the newsletter by CinED, a project that aims to “watch, choose, organise & share”. The third edition of their newsletter was sent out in April and contains a host of fascinating information. But that’s just a hint of what CinED has to offer.


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Zlin Festival embraces teenagers with animation and web series

When mentioning animated production for young adults, many would automatically fill in: Cartoon Network, whose brand has dominated the market for over two decades. But there’s more to it than just series produced by mammoth American studios. That is why the Zlin Film Festival organises a talk show called “Young Adult Animation or is it time for a European adventure?


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Filem’on launches Script Lab

Name me one festival that does not have ‘improving the domestic production climate for children’s films’ among its objectives. Filem’on certainly does! For which they have an ambitious plan: organising a script lab. The initiative is aimed exclusively at Belgian participants and will take place in both national languages, French and Flemish.


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