Invitation ECFA Extra General Meeting

Dear ECFA Member,

ECFA attaches great importance to members meeting each other regularly. This year we had a virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 30 May. Now we’re ready for more: meeting friends and colleagues in person! That is why a “Physical Extra General Meeting” will be organized during the Zlin Film Festival (9 – 15 September) in Czech Republic.


You’re all invited for the AGM on 12 September 2021 (Attention! – Different date than mentioned earlier!). We’re hoping to bring many members together, in person, and under the safest possible circumstances, to celebrate a new future together.


Together with the Zlin Festival, ECFA guarantees its members (those who have already fully paid their 2021 membership fee) a beneficial arrangement. We offer you (unless you have a different personal invitation from the festival):

–          Two free hotel nights in Zlin *

–          Free accreditation for film screenings and industry events

–          Access to the ECFA General Meeting

–          A contribution to your travel costs up to a maximum of € 150,- **


* For both hotel and travel costs, this offer applies to one representative per member organisation

** Based on presentation of your real travel cost


If you’re planning to attend the ECFA Extra General Meeting @ the Zlin Film Festival:


We’re looking forward to welcome as many ECFA representatives as possible on 12 September at the Zlin Film Festival.


With kindest regards,

Marketa Pasmova, on behalf of the Zlin Film Festival

and Felix Vanginderhuysen, on behalf of the ECFA Board Committee


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