News brought to you by CinED

If you want to keep up to date on initiatives and policies in media education, then check out the newsletter by CinED, a project that aims to “watch, choose, organise & share”. The third edition of their newsletter was sent out in April and contains a host of fascinating information. But that’s just a hint of what CinED has to offer.


Through its unique open pedagogy, CinEd aims at providing access to the wealth and diversity of European cinema by developing young people’s ability to watch and listen, to compare and connect, as you can read on the CinED website.

CinED is a European cooperation project supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme, a consortium operating with the goal to enable children (aged 6-19), at or outside school, to discover the richness and diversity of European filmmaking while developing a capacity for critical thinking and knowledge of cinema techniques and language. Therefore this film education programme provides:

–  a common digital platform operating in various languages

–  a collection of classic European films and contemporary authors

– an original teaching approach, adapted for non-specialists. Through registering on the platform, you gain access to a rich collection of educational resources and pedagogical materials that can be used to accompany screenings.


Check out the website, register (free of charge) and get access to a collection of films and educational resources created for teachers and mediators to conduct screenings and workshops for children. There is an untold wealth of information waiting for you.