Filem’on launches Script Lab

Name me one festival that does not have ‘improving the domestic production climate for children’s films’ among its objectives. Filem’on certainly does! For which they have an ambitious plan: organising a script lab. The initiative is aimed exclusively at Belgian participants and will take place in both national languages, French and Flemish.


The script lab is aimed at people who want to write for young audiences (2-16 years) and supports scriptwriters at various key moments in the development of their script. For this purpose, experienced script doctors are brought in to help with the development of narrative, characters, plot etc. The programme also includes interactions with young people themselves (including ‘rehearsed reading’ by young actors) and meeting moments in which participants gain insight into the lives of young people today.


The script lab will take place during the Filem’On film festival in Brussels (23 October-6 November 2024). Belgian candidates can apply online for the script lab.