ECFA Awards 2020 handed out

The ECFA Award for Best European Children’s Film 2020 has been won by BINTI by director Frederike Migom (Belgium). This film tells the story of a young girl who claims her right to live a normal life and dream her own dreams, even if she doesn’t have the legal documents to prove that she really exists. Other ECFA Awards went to BLOEISTRAAT 11 (Best Short) and HOW BIG IS THE GALAXY? (Best Documentary). Continue reading “ECFA Awards 2020 handed out”

Kids Kino Lab 2019/20 Took Off

Kids Kino Lab, previously named Kids Film.Pro, is an international development programme for young audience film projects and TV series. It is dedicated to script writers and producers who are interested in developing their project from a concept to a highly advanced script stage with initial production assumptions. This is Kids Kino Lab’s 4th edition and the first one that goes international.
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