Taartrovers at Home

Children are great explorers, using all their senses when embarking on an adventure, as observers, researchers and creators, all at the same time. This understanding is at the basis of all Taartrovers’ activities. For this Dutch organisation films are the foundation of their work, while at the same time connecting with visual arts, nature, food, dance, music and storytelling. Taartrovers creates inspiring artistic settings in which children can express feelings and stories. Even in turbulent times.

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Documentary producer Tangerine Tree is unstoppable

In an ECFA interview in May 2019, Dutch young audience documentary producer par excellence Tangerine Tree came with sad news: “We are planning to decrease our efforts in youth documentaries.” But blood is thicker than water, and with more than 10 titles in different stages of (pre)production, Tangerine Trees’ agenda until 2022 looks more than packed.

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