Film in the Forest

To hold a children’s film festival on the first sunny weekend of the year would seem a disaster, especially in the sun-starved Nordics. However, in May 2017 as the sun burst through the trees, the audience flocked to Film in the Forest – a new film and culture festival for children aged 3-10 in Aarhus, Denmark. Continue reading “Film in the Forest”

New ECFA member Abloom grants rights to every child

The Abloom Filmfestival was founded in 2002 by Faridah S. Nabaggala, a filmmaker and film enthusiast, born in Uganda, now living in Norway. She cherished a dream of dedicating a film festival to children and young people with a disability, in the conviction that every child has the right to be heard and seen and the right to blossom. It’s no coincidence that Abloom has a flower bud as a mascot. In 2015, this fast-growing event was granted the Oslo City Culture Award. Continue reading “New ECFA member Abloom grants rights to every child”

New ECFA member Zero Plus: Placing qualities at the forefront

Through the art of cinema, the Zero Plus International Festival of Films for Children & Youth wants to promote common human values. Programme director Alena Sycheva: “The festival has an interest in films that foster a positive world view in children and young people and that put up front the best qualities, like family, friendship, love, nature, and creativity.” The festival has run since 2014 in Tyumen (Russia), traditionally called the ‘Gates of Siberia’. Continue reading “New ECFA member Zero Plus: Placing qualities at the forefront”

KinoOstrov: peace-making through cultural exchange

The International Center of Children`s Diplomacy is a noncommercial project that unites children and youth organisations in support of an international peace-making policy. Based in Saint Petersburg, the project grew under the wings of the Russian Children’s Cinema Festival and ECFA member KinoOstrov. “Inspired by a ‘peace expedition’ to Georgia, KinoOstrov wants to integrate the potential power of children and youth organisations into the peace-making movement. Film could be a perfect tool to achieve this goal,” says Anna Savchuk, President of the Int. Center of Children`s Diplomacy. Continue reading “KinoOstrov: peace-making through cultural exchange”

First ECFA Doc Award at Zlin Festival

Football on Icelandic volcanoes (Bragi Þór Hinrikssona’s THE FALCONS will open this year’s edition), superheroes on two continents, horse races on Mongolian plains, crazy little rockers, fights against ancient giants, retro adventures of small kidnappers and the rite of passage in the American wilderness. These and other topics will appear in the films of the international competitions for children and youth at the 58th Zlín Film Festival – International Film Festival for Children and Youth, to be held from 25th May to 2nd June 2018. Continue reading “First ECFA Doc Award at Zlin Festival”

Great Greek News!

The new year began with wonderful news for the Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People and Camera Zizanio. On January 11th 2018 a program contract was signed among the Ministry of Culture, the Region of Western Greece and the Olympia Festival Social Cooperative Enterprise securing a stable funding for the next three years. Continue reading “Great Greek News!”

Warsaw Kids Film Forum announces 2nd edition

The 2nd edition of the Warsaw Kids Film Forum, an international pitching forum for films and series for young viewers, will be held on September 26-28th 2018 during The Warsaw Kids Film Festival. The submission of projects (in development or as work in progress) that want to take part in the Pitching or the Script Exchange is open until 31st May. Continue reading “Warsaw Kids Film Forum announces 2nd edition”