CAPTAIN NOVA opens Cinekid on new location

Cinekid is moving house. On 13 October the festival will kick off with the opening film CAPTAIN NOVA by Maurice Trouwborst (director) & Lotte Tabbers (scriptwriter) at a new location in Amsterdam North.


Cinekid will open its 35th edition with a film that is rooted in the festival’s own industry support. Back in 2018 CAPTAIN NOVA was selected for Cinekid’s Junior Co-production Market. Producer Derk-Jan Warrink (Keplerfilm): “We are extremely proud and honoured that the world’s biggest children’s film festival has chosen to open with CAPTAIN NOVA, a Dutch sci-fi family film. Being both thriller and comedy, the film will have you on the edge of your seat and, most importantly, it will plant a seed in the minds of the younger generation about the consequences of climate change.” The story sets off in 2050, when the earth is in such a terrible state that fighter-pilot Nova has to travel back in time to 2024 to try and prevent an environmental disaster. But ‘the new Nova’ looks like she’s only 11-years-old, and no one is willing to listen to her.


More than only addressing the crowds in Amsterdam, Cinekid from now on will be a national festival, with a brand-new main hub at Pathé in the heart of Amsterdam Noord and several key locations across the entire country.

Cinekid for Professionals in 2021 will take place in a hybrid setting.

Read all about Cinekid’s new profile on the festival’s online pages.