EFA: what young cinephiles have to say

In the run-up to the EFA Young Audience Award (April 2021), the EFA Young Audience Summit was held, co-created by and for young cinephiles. 78 young participants from 25 European countries discussed European films in general and the idea of creating a European Film Club Network in particular.


See what 12-16 year olds have to say about the impact of films on their life in this clip.

To improve access to European films and build a year-round engagement with film, EFA has been exploring the idea of a European youth film club. To involve the young people, EFA set up a youth council to develop this further. Youth Council members presented their thoughts on what role film can play and the creation of such a film club. The idea was met with great enthusiasm, on the condition that it should be co-created by young people.

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