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Johan Padan – Discovering the Americas

Original title: Johan Padan - A la descoverta de le Americhe
German title: Johan Padan und die Entdeckung Amerikas
Italy, 2002

Director: Cingoli, Giulio
Production company: Green Movie Group
Co-producers: Progetto Immagine
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Animation based on the opera by Dario Fo.
Johan is a happy, lively youth who goes through life not seeking adventure but because he needs to survive. John comes from a valley in the historically poor region of the eastern alps of italy. Like Arlecchino (Harlequin) a local character of the region, he is poor, selfish, a thief, a liar, tender, affectionate, sharp, intelligent and ready to do anything to achieve his ends.The first part of the history takes place between Venice in Seville, which, at the beginning of the 16th century were probably the liveliest and the most cosmopolitan cities of the age. Seville was the port where all the energies born of the discovery of a new continent to the west of Europe were concentrated: the New World ... in Venice, Johan falls in love with a gypsy girl, but has no scuples in running away without trying to defend her when she is arrested for witchcraft.

Both in Venice and Seville John comes into contact with peoplewho are masques rather than humans - nobles, servants, merchants, bishops, soldiers, ladies and thieves. The only real person is the gypsy, or rather, the witch, a primitive streak in the civilised heart of Venice...The accident which takes Johan from the Old to the New World exposes Johan to a new, unexpected experience; his contact with the Indios slowly develops the positive side of his personality. All this is new to John, he discovers the value of his origins, the safety of living with a group, the natural friendliness of man, and the solidarity which governs a collectivity wheren each person can truly be himself. Above all, John discovers that magic exists and is one of the most important energies on earth, amongst which is the christian magic of rebirth...
(Source: www.tamtamcinema.com)

Venice 2002 (Out of competition, special event)

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Mikado Film (I)

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Mikado Film (I)