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Junior Olsen Gang and the Silver Treasure

Original title: Olsen Banden - på de bonede gulve
German title: Junior Olsen Gang and the Silver Treasure *
Denmark, 2009

Director: Lerdam, Jørgen
Production company: Nordisk Film
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Animation film about the popular gang. The Olsen Gang, the legendary trio of lovable small-time crooks with big money dreams, have lent their name to more than a dozen films since 1968. For the first time, the three friends appear in an animated version. The gang's ingenious leader Egon Olsen is entrusted with the task of stealing Hans Christian Andersen's original quill. But little does he know that a trap has been set, and soon the gang has the entire police force on its heals. Consequently, Egon has only one thing in mind: revenge. And big money, of course.

Scheduled release: 16.10.2009

Website: www.dfi.dk/english/Danish+films/FeatureFilmsByDkTitle/filmFact.htm?FilmID=21126

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TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

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Nordisk Film Biografdistr. (DK)