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Jungle Bunch, The – Back to the Ice Floe

Original title: As de la Jungle, Les – Operation Banquise
German title: Dschungelbande, Die
France, 2011

Director: Alaux, David & Tosti, Eric
Production company: TAT productions
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Animation. – On an icefloe at the South Pole, the penguin siblings Ping and Pong and their conspecifics lead a harmonic life. One day, evil walruses occupy their icefloe, force them to hand over half of their fish and threaten to kill their babys. Ping and Pong decide to seek for help in the jungle. There according to the legends, a tiger warrior lives with his seven brave companions, always ready to save the penguin race. Indeed they find him, yet their imaginations and reality diverge somewhat as the tiger is a born penguin, skilled at words but less in martial action. Still their hope lies on him. (From the Lucas-Festival Catalogue 2012)

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The Festival Agency

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Spin-off from a TV-series

Lucas Frankfurt 2012 (awarded)

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Angel (DK)