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Just Bea

Original title: Bare Bea
German title: Nur noch Bea
Norway/Sweden, 2004

Director: Næss, Petter
Production company: Maipo Film & TV Produksjon
Co-producers: Filmlance AB, Stockholm
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Bea attends a grammar school, writes for the school magazine – and is the only virgin among her girlfriends. She has a crush on Daniel, the cleverest, best-looking and – how could it be otherwise – coolest guy in the whole school. Miraculously, Bea’s feelings for Daniel are reciprocated and, all at once, a whole new horizon opens up before her. However, as her girlfriends see it, she is now faced with one small problem:she simply can’t lose her virginity
by sleeping with someone she loves. What to do? Bea is at a complete loss; her dream of happiness with Daniel seems to have receded into the distance. Suddenly, her girlfriend Mia has just the right solution: Anders! Nineteen-year-old Anders’ ambition is to become a gardener. Moreover, he is of no interest whatsoever to Bea. All in all, the perfect candidate. Mia organises a meeting between Bea and Anders, who has no knowledge of Bea’s ulterior motive in going to bed with him. As far as he is concerned, there is no reason to doubt Bea’s affection for him. All Bea wants is to be with Daniel. Or maybe not. Does she secretly dream of studying in Canada? . . . (Kinderfilmfest Berlin 2004)

Marketing strategies:
More than 100.000 visitors in Norway.

Berlin 2004, BUFF Malmö 2004, Zlin 2004, Buster Copenhagen 2004, Cinepänz Cologne 2004

Website: www.cineuropa.org/making.asp?lang=ing&documentID=35238&treeID=437

World sales address/es:
Maipo (N)
TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

Sold to:
Nordisk Film Biografdistr. (DK)