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Jester Till

Original title: Till Eulenspiegel
German title: Till Eulenspiegel
Germany/Great Britain/Belgium, 2003

Director: Junkersdorf, Eberhard
Production company: Munich Animation
Co-producers: CP Medien, Scala Productions (GB), De Familie Janssen (B)
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Animation. The legendary clown and jester Till Eulenspiegel enjoys his jokes at the expense of the rich and powerful, exemplifying the spirit of simple folks with his quick wit and dry humour.

In this cartoon adventure, young Till is on the way to Boomtown to visit his grandfather, the absent-minded magician Marcus. The old man and his devoted servant, Cornelius, the owl, are brewing a special magic potion that will give people never-ending happiness and eternal life. But Marcus' old friend Dr. Death is doing is best to prevent this. He succeeds in "doing away with" Marcus. A magic mirror reveals to Till Eulenspiegel and his friends that they have only two days in which to find him. But the key to the mystery is hidden in a three-part riddle that Till must solve first, and so 48 hours filled with commotion and adventure begin ... (Festival catalogue Golden Sparrow Erfurt/Gera 2003)

Boomtown celebrates little King Rupert's birthday with a big party - musicians, travelling entertainers and magicians included. But strange things are happening: Till Eulenspiegel's grandfather Marcus vanishes for good during a magic trick and the town's birthday present for the little king, a golden egg, gets lost in the confusion. The smart Till replaces it with a duck's egg, out of which to Rupert's excitement the small chick Ducky hatches shortly afterwards. The king is still not aware of his aunt Katharina trying to get him out of the way so that she herself can take the throne. In the meantime joker Till has three difficult riddles to solve in order to rescue his grandfather. Will Till and his friends be able to help grandpa Marcus and King Rupert? (Catalogue Filmfestival Hamburg 2003)

"Based on a popular European folk tale, Jester Till is an upbeat, colourful film that successfully combines traditional 2D animation with some well-integrated 3D computer generated techniques. Its English voice cast, quality artwork and strong sense of narrative at its core make Jester Till a suitable and entertaining film for children of all ages." Justin Johnson, London International Film Festival 2004)

Marketing strategies:
850.000 admissions in Germany

Hamburg 2003, Antwerp/Brugge 2004, Sprockets Toronto 2004 (Audience Award), Zlin 2004, London International Film Festival 2004, Cinemagic Belfast 2004, Oulu 2004, Poznan 2005, FICI Madrid 2005, Du Grain á Dèmoudre Gonfreville l'Orcher 2005

Website: www.tilleulenspiegel-film.de

World sales address/es:
Munich Animation (D)
Bioskop Film GmbH (D)

Sold to:
Jef (BE)