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Johnny & Gretchen

Original title: Jonukas ir Grytuté
German title: Johnny & Gretchen
Lithuania, 2002

Director: Landsbergis, Vytautas V.
Production company: Daiva Vaitekunaite

Jonukas and Grytuté love to play a game called secrets. One day, when Jonukas was thinking of his secret, he cut his finger and fainted. His parents quarreled as to who was guilty. His mother then went shopping and never returned. Since then, Jonukas and Grytuté have lived with their father and grandfather. They decide to look for their mother and bring her back. They head off for the “End of the World”. But they come upon a band of rascals, who kidnap them and imprison the grandfather and the children in a hostel. They want to sell Jonukas. Luckily, they manage to flee. They try again to go to the End of the World. They have many more adventures, until Jonukas wakes up and sees all the story was but a nightmare... (Festival Catalogue Zlin 2003)

Zlin 2003