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Year of Production 2021

Bittersweet Sixteen

English title: Bittersweet Sixteen
Original title: Bittersweet Sixteen
German title: Bittersweet Sixteen
Belgium, 2021

Director: Verheyen, Jan & Willaert, Lien & Verheyen, Anna
Production company: Zodiak
Age recommendation: 15 years and up
Length: 104 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Lotte is 15 and looking forward to her sixteenth birthday party. She’s had a difficult year. Her self-esteem has been damaged by a toxic friendship with Astrid, the school’s überbabe and leader of the popular girls. At home, there’s an unexpected development: her parents are separating. In the meantime, hormones are raging, bashful love is budding, sexual identities are being explored and existential dilemmas confronted. Who am I? Where am I going? Is there a point to it all? All storylines will come together and climax at Lotte’s Sweet Sixteen party.

Schlingel CFF Chemnitz 2022

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Dutch Film Works (NL)