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Year of Production 2021

In Limbo

English title: In Limbo
Original title: In Limbo
German title: In Limbo
Russia, 2021

Director: Hant, Alexander
Production company: Perevorot
Length: 110 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Sasha and Danny, both 15, lose their virginity together. When Sasha’s parents find out, her policeman stepfather forbids her to set foot outside the family home. Danny and Sasha run away together in protest against their parents and the society as a whole. Freedom goes to their heads. Danny, who is normally quiet and unassuming, runs wild. Sasha’s stepfather takes command of the search efforts. He is determined to put Danny in juvenile prison. A harmless adventure escalates into an operation to arrest armed criminals.

Cottbus IFF 2021, Just Film Tallinn 2021 (special mention)

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Perevorot (RUS)