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Year of Production 2021


English title: Californie
Original title: Californie
German title: Californie
Italy, 2021

Director: Cassigoli, Alessandro / Kauffman, Casey
Production company: Ang Film, La Mansarde Cinéma, RAI Cinema
Length: 78 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Jamila is an exuberant Moroccan girl with street smarts, who seems to have enormous potential to achieve great things or else trigger mega-disasters. Californie follows her day in and day out from age 9 to 14, in the small town in southern Italy where she lives, to reconstruct the fascinating personal journey Jamila undertakes setbacks and detours included to find her place in the world.

Venice IFF 2021 (awarded), Piccolo Grande Cinema CFF Milano 2021, Sottodiciotto IFF Torino 2021, Stockholm Junior FF 2022, Zlin CFF 2022, Giffoni CFF 2022

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Fandango (IT)

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Fandango (IT)