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Year of Production 2021

Back to Those Days (aka: Return to Legoland)

English title: Back to Those Days (aka: Return to Legoland)
Original title: Powrót do tamtych dni
German title: Back to Those Days
Poland, 2021

Director: Aksinowicz, Konrad
Production company: Chroma Pro
Co-producers: Miasto Aniolów, Coloroffon
Length: 104 min.
Film genre: Feature film

To the 12 year old Tomek his father Alek has absolutely no flaws. He just came back from a long emigrant stay in the US and wants to start a new life in the new post- communist Poland. Unfortunately he is an alcoholic and starts to drink again shortly after his return. Tomek and his mother Helena have to struggle and try to do everything to stop Alek from drinking. As a result they both become co-dependent alcoholics which severely affects their everyday life. Tomek starts to have difficulties at school. He gradually begins to understand the drama of his father’s alcoholism and in the moment of desperation he wants his father to end his life by commiting suicide. It is all up to Alek – his courage and love for his son to either make this irreversible decision or to try and fight for the good of the entire family.

Gdybia FF 2021, Just Film Tallinn 2021 (awarded)

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Kino Swiat (PL)

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