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Year of Production 2021

Hello World

English title: Hello World
Original title: Hei Verden
German title: Hello World *
Norway, 2021

Director: Elvebakk, Kenneth
Production company: Bautafilm, Fuglene AS
Co-producers: Sveriges Television (SVT), TV 2
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 105 min.
Film genre: Documentary

What is it really like to be the only open queer in the whole school? In the documentary Hello World (Hei Verden), we follow the lives of Runa (12), Viktor (12), Dina (13) and Joachim (14) through the three years they go to lower secondary school. Told through the eyes of the four young people, the film gives us a window into understanding what it is like to grow up as a queer in Norway today. What goes around in your head when you have actually decided to get out of the closet and tell the outside world that you are queer, but the school asks you to wait so they can "prepare" the news first? Or when a teammate on the handball team accuses you of looking too much in the shower after training? And how are you going to find a date for the prom when you're the only one at school who's out of the closet? And one of them gets the opportunity to meet the famous drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race. Will life as an open queer become easier over time? Hello world is a fun, engaging and moving upbringing story about not being like everyone else. (IMDB)

Chicago CFF 2021, Tromsø Junior FF 2021, Cinekid Amsterdam 2021, Nordic Filmdays Luebeck 2021 (special mention)

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