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Year of Production 2021

Captain Nova

English title: Captain Nova
Original title: Captain Nova
German title: Captain Nova
Netherlands, 2021

Director: Trouwborst, Maurice
Production company: Keplerfilm
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 90 min.
Film genre: Feature film

In 2050, Earth has become a dry and desolate place. Fighter pilot Nova is forced to travel back in time to prevent a devastating environmental disaster, however an unforeseen side-effect of time travel makes Nova young again and she crash lands into 2025 as a twelve-year old. Nobody seems to take her and her mission seriously, except for Nas - a neglected teen who tries to keep this mysterious girl and her little flying robot ADD out of the hands of the secret service. Will Nova and Nas succeed in saving the future world?

Contact for festival screenings: Claudia Schwendele claudia.schwendele@betafilm.com

Cinekid Amsterdam 2021

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