Ehreschlingel for Michel Ocelot

The Schlingel festival has never shied away from granting the biggest names a Life Time Achievement Award, the so-called Ehreschlingel. This year, another prestigious personality was chosen to follow in the footsteps of grandmasters such as Zdeněk Miler and Vacláv Vorlícek. Author, graphic designer and director Michel Ocelot is truly an icon in the European animation industry.

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DOXS RUHR Awards Audiences

The documentary festival DOXS RUHR is exploring the relation between cinema and young audiences. For the second time, young curators are collaborating with the festival, not only through curating film programmes but also creating the right environment and design for those films to be screened.

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Screenplay.Detectives at LUCAS

While celebrating the award ceremony of the 46th edition of LUCAS – Int’l Festival for Young Film Lovers – in the DFF Cinema in Frankfurt, there is one thing to keep in mind: “After the festival is before the festival!” Thanks to generous funding, LUCAS will extend its participative workshop programme – brought together under the title ‘Get Involved!’ – beyond the festival period.

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