Researching results of the Film in Hospital project

The European Film in Hospital project, run by 6 ECFA members, presents the inspiring results of research carried out by Il Nuovo Fantarca and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, through its two research centres OssCom and Cremit. The most striking result of this research was something we all long to hear from time to time: “What you do is useful, meaningful and contributes to the wellbeing of your audience”.



The main research goal was “to measure the benefit of Film in Hospital’s activities on young patients during their period of healing”. These activities consist of: film screenings on VOD platforms (over 100 titles available), enriched with educative and fun activities plus various offline options such as workshops, talks with authors etc.

The benefits of growing emotional involvement are provided through collective viewing experiences in small groups. Sharing emotions and opinions with others and learning something new are two functional perspectives significantly associated with overall gratification, as confirmed by the research results. This offers the organisers a guarantee that their project is meaningful and ‘healthy’.

The main findings of this research will certainly influence the re-shape of the Film in Hospital project in the future, as you will find out in an interview in the upcoming ECFA Journal. The complete report can be found here.


Film in Hospital is co-financed by MEDIA and includes partners from Sweden (BUFF), Belgium (JEF), Croatia (Kids Meet Art), Italy (Il Nuovo Fantarca), Slovenia (Kinodvor), Spain (Pack Magic), and will in 2024 be introduced with new partners in Greece (Neaniko Plano) and Denmark (SKJFD).