René van Zundert about TALK IS CHEAP

“It goes on and on until it gets out of hand”

Wherever Darlin goes, his mother chugs along in admiration. Only on stage, Tamia is not afraid to share her thoughts with the audience. Sitting on the couch, Selena will never stop arguing with her father. Three children from South Rotterdam want to be noticed and are given a forum in TALK IS CHEAP to make their unfiltered voices heard. For this Dutch documentary, director René van Zundert bundled four episodes of his TV series of the same name.

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“The main vibe was pure Agatha Christie”

That is no normal place where Cecilia lives. It is a hotel, and her father is the owner. Ever since her mother died, Cecilia is supposed to help him serve the guests. In her rare spare time, together with her best friend Une and the newly arrived city boy Leo, she gets on the trail of a dark secret that might even lead her towards the mystery behind her mother’s death. A portion of Nordic noir by full daylight.

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“The most beautiful feeling when saying goodbye”

Yuku, the eldest child in a large mouse family, has to guard the food supplies. But she prefers playing her ukulele and listening to her grandmother, a master storyteller. As the end of Grandma’s life approaches, Yuku embarks on a musical quest to find the luminous Flower of the Himalayas for Grandma to take on her “last journey.”

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Camiel Schouwenaar about BIGMAN

“The harder he tries, the harder he falls”

Dylan and Youssef are best friends, and football is all they dream about. When Dylan ends up in a wheelchair due to an accident, he must come to terms with his new life. His dad – and former coach – wants him to accept his situation and tries to keep football from his life, but Dylan is determined to play again.

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Emma Kawawada about MY SMALL LAND

“Not a single Kurdish refugee has been accepted to Japan so far”

Sarya and her younger siblings were born in Japan to a Kurdish immigrant family. They are torn between their desire to integrate and the attachment to their Kurdish origin that their father tries to implant in them. For MY SMALL LAND director Emma Kawawada says to be inspired by the Dardenne brothers, Ken Loach’s KES and Hirokazu Kore-eda.

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Johannes Schmid about TALES OF FRANZ

“Exploring the neighbourhood on their own”

9 year old Franz is the smallest kid in his class. On top of that, his voice often lets him down in stressful situations, leaving him with nothing more than a squeaky sound. In Franz’s life there is a need for creative solutions to the everyday problems of growing up. Until one day Franz falls under the spell of an influencer with reprehensible advice on how toxic masculinity can boost your success in life.

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Lidia Duda about THE FLEDGLINGS

“Their fingers are their life”

In an institute for the blind, we meet three kids: imaginative Zosia, sensitive Oskar and self-reliant Kinga. With endless respect, Polish documentary maker Lidia Duda delves into their lives. Until an unforeseen storyline bubbles up, telling of an overwhelming tenderness, a deep affection, and of a world in black and white where a small touch says all there is to say. 

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Yfendo van Praag about I DON’T WANNA DANCE

“I never thought I had so much focus in me”

I am Yfendo van Praag, 17 years old and I DON’T WANNA DANCE is like a snapshot of my life. You discover who I am and what I do. My character Joey is taken from his family. He would prefer to live with his mother, but encounters obstacles: should he choose for himself or invest in their relationship?

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