Video Contest Luoghi Comuni

In Bari, Rome and Milan a series of video workshops with active participation of Roma and non-Roma youngsters was organised.

For six months boys and girls have been engaged in a participatory artistic path. The teenagers were given a chance to express themselves freely and debate on issues such as ‘discrimination against Roma people’ and ‘being different’. They were able to discover what they actually have in common and which bridges can be built to create a culture of inclusion. Read all about this project in the ECFA Journal.

Producing these three short movies was an empowering process! Now the results will be disseminated on a national and European level. Therefore the Luoghi Comuni Video Contest is a crucial element. Voting for your favourite video made by Roma and non-Roma boys and girls can be done from 14 April – 14 June. This contest proves that bridges for inclusion can be built, and that new generations are indeed willing to build them!

You’ll find the three video’s here: