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Year of Production 2025

Tafiti – Across the Desert

English title: Tafiti – Across the Desert
Original title: Tafiti – Across the Desert
German title: Tafiti – Ab durch die Wüste
Germany, 2025

Director: Wels, Nina
Production company: Tradewind Pictures GmbH, Little Dream Entertainment
Length: 81 min.
Film genre: Animation

When Tafiti, a young meerkat, meets Bristles, the bush pig, he knows they can’t be friends. ‘Meerkats stick to their own!’ is what grandpa has always told him, as life in the desert is full of danger. But when Bristles is attacked by an eagle, it’s Tafiti who rushes to his rescue. Desperately seeking a friend, the fun-loving bush pig follows Tafiti home, unintentionally causing an unfortunate accident – Tafiti’s grandpa is bitten by a deadly poisonous snake. Only a mythical desert flower can save him. Tafiti sets off on a perilous journey to find the flower, convinced he must do it alone. It’s up to Bristles to prove that adventures are always better with friends!

World sales address/es:
Sola Media (DE)

Sold to:
Acme Film (EE)
Acme Film (LT)
Acme Film (LV)
Angel (DK)
Vivarto (PL)
Little Dream (DE)