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Year of Production 2024

Christmas on Cobbler Street

English title: Christmas on Cobbler Street
Original title: Jul i Skomakergata
German title: Christmas on Cobbler Street *
Norway, 2024

Director: Hovland, Mikal
Production company: Nordisk Film Production AS
Length: 93 min.
Film genre: Feature film

A few days before Christmas, 10- year-old Stine finds herself in a small town after stowing away on a train. Seeking shelter from the cold winter night, she sneaks into a house in Cobbler Street – the shop of Shoemaker Andersen. The old, grumpy man who cherishes his solitude, resists the presence of the funny, rude girl. However, their encounter ends up taking both of their lives in a new direction...

Zlin CFF 2024 (awarded)

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