Remake of the Danish classic BUSTER’S WORLD

BUSTER’S WORLD (1984) by Oscar-winning director Bille August was voted many times among the “all time children’s film classics”. What could be the motivation behind a 2021 remake? During the ‘Films on the Horizon’ session of the Kristiansand Int’l Children’s Film Festival, director Martin Miehe-Renard came with an answer.


BUSTER’S WORLD (the original)

Buster is an 11 year old optimist who knows that, even if the going gets tough, things in the end will always work out with the help of a little magic and a lot of love. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand to his little sister, his parents and his old friend Mr. Larsen who is – like Buster – a “master magician.” This summer Buster hopes to be a big hit at the town’s talent show. But he has a lot on his plate: he has a crush on Joanna, Mr. Larsen’s health is deteriorating and his family needs him…


BUSTER, currently in its final production stage, is now to be released in Danish theatres. Why was this remake of this classic monument of Scandinavian young audience cinema needed? Martin Miehe-Renard, who came to present his film in the ‘Films on the Horizon’ work in progress session during the KICFF’s (online) Industry Days: “The message of this story is so important, maybe even more so today, now that children are often stuck all day in front of computers, smartphones or iPads. Not knowing how to live up to the ideals projected on social media, they might find consolation in BUSTER’s message: dare to be yourself, don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Buster is not a great magician, but his magic lies in his courage to be “real”. Children will recognise this message more easily if shown in a contemporary context that they can identify with. Both the world and the film language have changed a great deal since 1984. We’ve tried to create a new approach towards the wonderful initial theme.


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