LEAF wins ECFA Award in Dortmund+Köln

LEAF, a film about a sailor’s nostalgia won the ECFA Short Award at the Internationales Frauen* Film Fest Dortmund+Köln.





A giant sailor prepares for his next voyage, shovelling more coal into the boiler, and scrubbing the deck. As he carefully checks passengers’ tickets, a little girl places a red autumn leaf in his hand, that instantly reminds him of the smells, colours and sounds of his homeland, where he hasn’t been for so many years. He realises it’s time to return home.

Director Aliona Saskova grew up in Belarus but studies and lives in the Czech Republic, where the Tomáš Bata University (Zlín) is the producer of this student film.


With a slightly renewed name, the Internationales Frauen* Film Fest Dortmund+Köln took place as an online event from 15-20 June 2021. On the programme for children and young people were 11 shorts, features and documentaries. With titles such as MY NAME IS BAGHDAD (Brasil), EL NOMBRE DEL HIJO (Argentina) and WASH DAY (Canada), “these films focus on young protagonists in a world full of imagination, that deal with their own identity and strive for equal opportunities.

The ECFA Jury were Frederike Migom (Belgium), Laura Schubert (Germany) and Gloria Morano (Luxembourg).