Reaching Young Audiences – Update

The research project Reaching Young Audiences: Serial Fiction and Cross-Media Storyworlds for Children and Young Audiences (RYA) combines production and audience analysis when studying the current production and reception of film, TV and online fiction for children and young audiences. The project is based at the University of Copenhagen (with Associate Professor Eva Novrup Redvall as Project Leader) and runs from 2019–2024 (supported by Independent Research Fund Denmark).

The research project started by focusing on changes in the production of television fiction for children and young audiences, which has resulted in a number of blogs for CSTonline.

A first report on quality audiovisual fiction as seen through the eyes of 8-17-year-old Danish children was published in November 2021 as was a peer-reviewed article on new strategies for educating talent for children’s film and television in Film Education Journal and an Editorial on writing for children in a special issue of Journal of Screenwriting.

All publications can be found on the project website.