Diversity and Inclusion

Cinema, television and VOD industries play a crucial role in increasing diversity and promoting inclusion, but we’ve got still a long way to go. The IRIS Plus report Diversity and inclusion in the European audiovisual sector (2021) is a valuable and up-to-date source for getting a sense of the current situation in these fields in Europe.

It lists (and links) approximately 200 reports classified according to the ground of discrimination studied and other relevant criteria. Most of all, in its introduction it makes clear that D&I takes place both off-screen (gender, ethnicity and capacity of professionals) and on-screen (screened subjects and characters), suggesting how incredibly relevant the issue is when it comes to children’s production, and how careful we should be in our decisions about creation, distribution and programming.

To get an idea of the hidden implications of our work, you can check furthermore this article about gender representation in animation films and its impact on children’s development.