Pequeno Cineasta Int’l Film Festival pioneers in Brazil

The Pequeno Cineasta Int’l Film Festival (PCIFF) is a festival for children, teenagers and educators, presenting an overview of Brazilian and international short films made exclusively by kids (8-17 years old). Since 2010 Pequeno Cineasta has taken place annually in Rio de Janeiro.


The festival emerged from a wish to give youngsters the opportunity to freely express their views about the world and the reality that surrounds them, to sensitise children to film, and to empower them. The submissions are free and open until June 30 2023.

PCIFF presents films in four competitions:

– National Children’s Film Competition (8-12)

– Int’l Children’s Film Competition (8-12)

– National Junior Film Competition (13-17)

– Int’l Junior Film Competition (13-17)

The winning films take home the Pequeno Cineasta trophy and a KODAK clapperboard.

Furthermore PCIFF brings young people together through roundtables, or in parallel showcases and workshops, like ‘Sustain Your Story’ for films with an environmental approach, in a partnership with Rio de Janeiro’s Botanic Garden. And there are workshops about Environmental Animation (using natural material), Cinema in Class (for teachers and educators), etc.


Founder of the festival is Brazilian actress and producer Daniela Gracindo. She created the Pequeno Cineasta (Young Filmmaker) Project in 2009. Nowadays it includes a series of workshops, the Pequeno Cineasta programme at Canal Brasil and the PCIFF.


Find all info here, check out the festival on Facebook and YouTube, or get to know the festival in a 4’ clip.