Podcast as a part of Zlin Festival’s content tsunami

The Zlin Film Festival knows how to guarantee its presence in the media. While the local press admires the stars on the red carpet, the international guests can glean information from various channels, including – since this year’s edition – a podcast.



Many festival delegations come to present their film in the Zlin Festival Bubbles, a series of interviews, recorded by Petra Pifkova (Czech) and Gert Hermans (international) in the brand new Phoenix Studios in Zlin. On YouTube under the search term 63rd Zlin Festival Bubbles, you will find conversations with the teams of BILLY BLUE, 12 HOURS TO DESTRUCTION, ROI and many more.


These interviews can also be listened to on the festival podcast, a new step in the great Zlin content tsunami. Here you’ll find conversations with all festival juries and with several short film delegations, such as Meelis Arulepp (PETER THE BEETLE), Colin Ludvic Racicot (WHERE RABBITS COME FROM) and Piotr Chmielewski (CRAB).


More information from the festival backstage is to be found on the festival website, where you can read – in addition to a permanent stream of news items – interviews with all festival juries and episodes of the BLOGert festival report. As if you were there yourself.