New Member: TINKO

New ECFA member TINKO Euskara Elkartea has a mission: offering interesting, successful films in Basque language to school children aged 3-16, and showing these films on the big cinema screens, as films are meant to be experienced.

TINKO has its own procedure: films are acquired, then dubbed into Basque language and released theatrically in commercial cinemas. Afterwards, they start a non-theatrical career in towns and cities big and small, up and down the Basque Country, with the participation of hundreds of schools. Films are distributed together with educational materials, that were commissioned to a group of doctors, educators, psychologists and experts. Their conclusions are collected in booklets, sent to schools by email, so that they can be used before and after the screening.

The films selected by TINKO should be entertaining, interesting and a joy to watch, telling stories that connect children with their feelings, generating kindness and empathy. Films are selected carefully. Therefore TINKO has developed long lasting relationships with distributors and sales agents such as: Sola Films, Attraction Distribution, Global Screen and A Contra Corriente.

Becoming a member of ECFA, TINKO is happy to meet other European distributors, to create new foundations for potential collaboration. TINKO started its activities in 1993, so their 25th anniversary this year can be celebrated on an international scale.