Fest of Fests

The brand new film literacy initiative ‘Fest of Fests’ is an innovative cultural network run by the Athens-based Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and funded by the Region of Attica, Greece. Fest of Fests aspires to involve the essential European and international children & youth film networks, national and transnational organisations actively supporting filmmaking by youngsters, the academic community and of course the youth film festivals worldwide. Fest of Fests has already been announced at the Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue Conference, organised by UNESCO’s GAPMIL network (Kingston, Jamaica); at the latest CIFEJ General Assembly (Hyderabad, India); and at the Children’s Global Media Summit (Manchester, UK).

The aim of Fest of Fests is to function as a community of practice, collaboration and innovative ideas, educating a generation of screenwise viewers through the existent pathways of film and media literacy.

The First International Fest of Fests Forum in Athens, June 25-28th 2018, will bring together young filmmakers with their award winning films, festival directors, experts, educators and youngsters. During the forum, ECFA (who took up an advisory role in the preparation of the Forum) will be offered a chance to present itself on the Fest of Fests platform.