New initiative: Segovia, a place of reference

This year the City of Segovia (Spain) will reinvent the identity of its major film festival, transforming it into a place of reference to discuss the future of European cinema. 




Alongside with showcasing last year’s film productions, the 15th edition of the Muestra de Cine Europeo de Segovia (soon announcing a new name) will focus on learning and understanding ways to develop new relationships between cinema, young audiences and creators.


The role of teachers as a first contact point with cinema is one of the key subjects of the event´s masterclasses. Other topics are building proactive links between the film industry and education, and preserving the core value of festivals and independent cinema venues as spaces of access to cultural diversity. Talks will be hosted by international leading figures from institutions such as key partner Universidad de Valladolid. Spanish experts and tutors in audio-visual literacy will share experiences with colleagues from festivals and institutions across Europe, with the aim to improve their methods and expand the scope of their work.


This new initiative, coordinated by the team behind Ciclos de Cine Cercano (Mariano Sosa, Christine Bouquin & Martín Maillos) and organised by the City Department of Culture, will focus on consolidating relationships between cinemas and local communities, whilst asking how to empower cinema as a collective space for encounters, dialogue, reflection and as an excellent vehicle for education? In late November a range of open activities will be hosted, like cinema appreciation classes and young audience screenings mediated by teachers and experts.


The Muestra de Cine Europeo de Segovia will cooperate with cultural festivals and educational initiatives across Europe, together taking up the challenges of these difficult times.

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