Empower teenagers – let them curate!

Girls* Riot curators 2019, © interfilm Berlin

The stunning short film* programmes curated by teenagers each year are the beating heart behind the KUKI Festival in Berlin.


Monika Koshka-Stein: “After weeks of lockdown-related uncertainty, we are thrilled that our summer holiday workshops will physically take place in July. Inviting teenagers to curate film selections from pools of professional, international festival entries is an empowering and insightful process for all involved – and when the snacks are good and the space you create is relaxed and confidential, it might just be the most fun and inspiring time you could ever have!


TeenScreen curators 2019, © interfilm Berlin

Initiated six years ago, the TeenScreen Workshop invites 20 teenagers to watch and discuss festival entries and choose the films for KUKI’s 12+ and 14+ competition. Monika Koshka-Stein: “The resulting programmes are always courageous, entertaining and thought provoking, and the discussions to get there take the kids on creative, critical and emotionally exploratory journeys.”


Girls* Riot burst on the KUKI scene three years ago as a curation workshop for girls aged 15-17, exploring female identity and its representation in film, media and society. Alongside the intensive ‘watching and selecting’ process, the young women are also mentored by exciting female film industry professionals, exchanging views on women’s rights, identity and (self)perception. The world premiere of their ever-insightful programme is hosted by the girls themselves, while they also moderate a panel and audience discussion to deepen the dialogue on issues they find important.


Workshop queries: workshop@kuki-berlin.com

To find out more about KUKI’s entire festival programme of short films for an audience aged 4-18 in Berlin (November): www.kuki-berlin.de