Taartrovers at Home

Children are great explorers, using all their senses when embarking on an adventure, as observers, researchers and creators, all at the same time. This understanding is at the basis of all Taartrovers’ activities. For this Dutch organisation films are the foundation of their work, while at the same time connecting with visual arts, nature, food, dance, music and storytelling. Taartrovers creates inspiring artistic settings in which children can express feelings and stories. Even in turbulent times.


In April, governmental corona restrictions kept Taartrovers from travelling the country. With children no longer able to visit the touring festival, Taartrovers at Home was developed, an online programme accessible to anyone, everywhere, anytime, presenting artistic short films and associated activities for children aged 3 and up. New episodes were published weekly, with a total number of 15.


Tessa van Grafhorst: “The online programme was set up primarily to cover up a sad loss of film screenings and activities, but Taartrovers at Home quickly proved its value.” The programme has a massive reach, with more than 17,000 children participating over the past few months. But impact can’t be counted in numbers only… “We want the programme to be accessible for children facing barriers in getting access to artistic cultural events. For example, we are translating Taartrovers at Home episodes into Dutch sign language. And while theatres and schools are cautiously reopening their doors, Taartrovers at Home remains relevant. The programme is accessible at any time, for everyone in search of a fantastic film for young children and extending the film experience with research and play”.


Taartrovers at Home is scheduled to cross borders soon. The Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum is planning to incorporate the concept in their programme.

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Contact: tessa@taartrovers.nl