New ECFA member : In The Air (The Netherlands)

When In The Air was launched in 2011, they were the first film distributor in the Netherlands dedicated exclusively to Dutch quality family films. Our mantra from day one: focus! All our projects get the full attention they deserve. In The Air distributes its titles both in cinemas and on Home Entertainment.


In the early years we only acquired acquisition rights for digital exploitation of Dutch classics such as THE PEN KNIFE, MINOES and WINKY’S HORSE. Soon we were able to expand our portfolio, also offering our services to third parties such as Submarine Film and Twin Film.


Expanding our expertise in youth cinema, films like WIPLALA, MR. FROG and SING SONG we already acquired in the script phase, with the support of a large group of crowdfunding investors. Releasing family films on this small Dutch / Benelux market has become more risky than ever – there’s only a limited amount of screens available and the international competition is stifling. Nevertheless we continue our investment in beautiful youth films that deserve their place on the white screen.



For example, we theatrically released THE ICELANDIC GANG (from starting producer NOBS), a film selected in competition at Cinekid and the Dutch Film Festival. Meanwhile, we are broadening our international catalogue with wonderful films such as our latest purchases GORDON & PADDY and MONKY. 2019 started on the right foot with the acquisition of all activities of our long-time partner Twin Film. We will further represent their amazing film line-up for all forms of exploitation.


More info about In The Air:
Contact: Fabienne van Dillen,, Tel. 0031 (0)23-700-97-89.