NaFilM Film Museum opened in Prague

NaFilM is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, a beautifully designed Film Museum for the young audience, and a trip through a fascinating cinematic world that offers visitors a new learning experience in a cosy building right in the middle of Prague’s historic city centre.

Before we found this permanent space for the museum, we created interactive exhibitions that were showcasing NaFilM in temporary venues,” say Adela Mrazova and Terezie Krizkovska, who are guiding around families and school groups or serve them drinks in the cafeteria. “Through interactive exhibits everyone can find out how film works. You can travel to the past and build your own projection apparatus, or explore more futuristic forms of filmmaking, from virtual reality to holograms. You can also try your hand at animation, editing, sound engineering or special effects.” Every installation is developed with particular care and good taste, and a museum visit includes over two hours projection of short cinema classics.

NaFilM is the brainchild of a group of film history students, receiving support from both Czech filmmakers and a successful crowdfunding campaign. Among the funders was the Zlin Film Festival, investing proceeds from their yearly clapperboard auction in NaFilM.

NaFilM: National Film Museum, Open: Tuesday – Sunday
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