DYTIATKO (Ukraine) is new ECFA member

The DYTIATKO Int. Children’s Media Festival in Kharkiv, Ukraine, is a true celebration of children’s creativity. Here, youngsters and professionals inspire each other when meeting in workshops, creative sessions and discussions.

At the festival children and adults, newcomers and professionals co-operate together. Children discover and explore, while adults get inspired by their urge for creative thinking,” says Festival President Sergii Chernov.

The DYTIATKO Int. Children’s Media Festival was founded in 2009 as a non-profit event (participation is free of charge) with convincing objectives:
– establishing contacts and exchange between studios working with content for youth.
– offering the general audience a chance to meet with outstanding film and TV content.
– spreading the results of international research on best practices for the film and TV industry.
– setting up platforms for exchange and a year-round promotion of interesting new projects.

The international competition programme includes the broadest media spectrum, awarding fiction films, documentaries, radio and TV programmes, animated features and shorts etc. The national competition focuses more on TV productions, but fosters special thematic awards regarding citizenship, ecology and peace making. Children have a strong voice in the jury decisions.

The DYTIATKO Festival also includes a script pitching session for young people, which is a unique opportunity for young authors and future directors to present their ideas, find partners and explore the industry mechanisms that might set them on their path towards future funding.

All this gives DYTIATKO a unique profile and ECFA is particularly happy to welcome the festival among our members.

DYTIATKO Int. Children’s Media Festival, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Contact person: Volodymyr Diagilev (Association Dytiatko), dyagilev@child-tv.org.ua.

Watch the DYTIATKO promotion clip.